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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee | BCBSTN

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee | BCBS of TN

BlueCross BlueShield is one of the nations oldest health insurance company, they are available in most states in the US under different names, most of which are statewide organizations. They have a great reputation because they have a great history of being there in times of need.

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee - A Tennessee company with a sterling reputation.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee is part of one of the Nations oldest health insurance carriers. Nationally the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is comprised of several companies, but in the state of Tennessee they are independent, headquartered here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and not-for-profit. This means that with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, you have the care you would expect from a Tennessee company, but still have access to a large national network while traveling out of state.

What does Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN offer?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee offers many lines of insurance, including major medical, short term medical, dental, medicare supplement, medicare advantage, part d, group, and even some life and worksite benefit plan offerings. They are probably the most competitive in the major medical (especially the HSA plans) and short term medical markets, and their medicare advantage plans are often one of the better options available in the state. BCBSTN has affordable health insurance for individuals, great group major medical, and one of the best PPO medicare advantage plans available in the state of Tennessee.

Affordable major medical insurance in Tennessee

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee's major medical insurance plans are priced great, usually less expensive that other carriers in the area, and they are accepted at the majority of doctors and hospitals in the state. The best prices on health insurance with them are usually on the HSA health insurance plans, which are plans that do not have office visit copays before the deductible is met, but cover 100% of all approved services after the deductible has been met, for the rest of the year for the whole family.

PersonalBlue | Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Plans

All BCBST individual health insurance plans are under the PersonalBlue design, which is highly configurable and has a ton of choices. The quantity of choices offered can be completely overwhelming if you look through all the plans, there are over 80 different plan codes which are different policy designs. These can be broken down into primarily 3 types of plans, however in the official Blue Cross rates guide, there are 32 pages of rates just to cover the available policies.

PersonalBlue Network Differences

PersonalBlue from Blue Cross has 2 different available networks, Network S and Network P. Of the two networks, Network P is much larger and covers more hospitals, but is slightly more expensive on a monthly basis. In most rural areas, Network S covers almost every doctor in the area, and typically the hospital in towns with only one hospital. However, in large urban areas such as Nashville, Network P is usually required at most hospitals, and Network S may only be accepted at a couple of the hospitals in town. Also, many doctors will not accept Network S in large cities, and require Network P to accept you as a patient. This is something that would not come up generally in case of an emergency, but in the case of a specialist for a specific need, it is usually to your advantage to be in Network P, because the cost difference is very minimal. We do not recommend Network S for this reason.

PersonalBlue Standard PPO Health Insurance Plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

The PersonalBlue Standard PPO Health Insurance plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee come in many designs, from a 50% drug copay, a drug copay with a deductible for name brand, and a drug copay in a standard tier system with no deductible. They offer copay, limited copay, and no doctor visit copay plans, and have plans with 0% coinsurance after the deductible, or 20% after the deductible. The complexity of the plan options make them difficult to choose between without assistance, as certain things make larger differences in the plan cost. Typically we find that plans between the 2500 and 5000 deductible range with Blue Cross, with the 20% coinsurance after the deductible and the copay on office visits and drugs with the annual deductible on name brand drugs to be the plans with the best overall rates in this design. It is easy to take a 5000 deductible plan, pair it with accident and critical illness coverage, and in many cases this design will save you money and leave you with a much lower total bill in case of a large claim. There is a design offered with a maximum of 4 office visits per year, however the savings offered are minimal, and typically if you want office visit copayments it is in your advantage to take the unlimited copay plan design. The plans with no office visit copay tend to compare poorly to the HSA designs, and we typically will recommend the HSA plans over the no office visit copay designs because they are less expensive and have advantages in the out of pocket liability of the plan.

PersonalBlue HSA Health Insurance Plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

PersonalBlue HSA Health Insurance Plans are designed as a stop loss type plan that also allows accumulation of tax free funds in order to spend on health related services. They are typically the most affordable health insurance plan designs offered in Tennessee. The way that an HSA policy works, it has a single annual deductible for an individual or your entire family, and after the deductible has been met it covers 100% of all costs. You pay out of pocket for services up to the deductible limit. This plan design when paired with maternity and a low deductible is the most affordable maternity coverage in Tennessee in out of pocket costs, and when paired with critical illness and accident coverage and a high deductible it tends to be the least expensive method to insure your entire family. As with all plans, preventive care visits are covered with no copayment before the deductible has been met.

Tennessee Medicare advantage PPO Plans

Very few carriers still offer a PPO or PFFS medicare advantage plan in Tennessee, and BlueCross is the only carrier that has a no premium plan available statewide. It has reasonable copays, includes drug coverage, and is accepted at most doctors offices and hospitals statewide. As with any medicare advantage plan, it is always best to check all your doctors and medications to make sure all your needs are covered, but we have found that this plan is suitable for a lot of people. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee also offers a couple other designs for plans, but in most cases if you choose medicare advantage from them, the 0 premium plans make the most sense to our clients when compared side by side.

How does Life Planning TN fit in?

Life Planning TN is proud to be an authorized to offer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee agency, and we would be thrilled to go over their offerings with you, along with helping you to compare them with other carriers available here in Tennessee.

The rates you pay directly from the carrier are the same as you pay through an agent, however, working with an agent will help you to avoid mistakes, and give you an advocate that can help you if anything does happen to go wrong. There is no added fee for using a health insurance broker, but in the event that you need help later, you have an additional assistant that can communicate with customer service, your doctor, and other necessary people to help you, rather than having to do it all yourself.

For quotes for BCBSTN or our other carriers, use the form on the right and you can see rates immediately and apply online, or give us a call or email for expert assistance.

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